Classroom Teacher

RideAbility attended our school recently to complete sessions with our Infants children on Bike Safety. RideAbility was very well organised having bikes, helmets and posters set up in the hall as stimuli for the children. Rebecca was very engaging, sitting down at their height talking to them about how to be safe on a bike and how to wear their helmets correctly.

Children were encouraged to bring their own helmets to school where they then fitted one another’s helmets properly and the instructors went around to every child to ensure it was correct. Children got to engage with one another in groups as they made sure a bike was safe to ride. They checked saddles, tyres, chains and brakes on the many bikes brought in by RideAbility.

All the children were totally engaged throughout their sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the material presented to them. This was an excellent session to conclude our Road Safety units in classes. We certainly would look at obtaining RideAbility’s services again.

Classroom Teacher – Caringbah P.S