Frequently asked questions

1. How many lessons does it take to learn to ride a bike?

Learning to ride a bike is no different to learning any new skill.  Some riders develop the necessary skills quickly whilst others need a little longer.  We have taught children and adults in one lesson whilst others require up to five lessons to develop their confidence and skills.  On average three lessons will see a rider develop the core skills of independently riding their bike with control and being able to perform control braking.  We set fun homework tasks for riders to practice which accelerates their development. Our lessons also incorporate other important skills and knowledge to be safe when riding a bike.

2. Do you work with child and adults with special needs or physical challenges?

Yes.  We successfully  teach both children and adults with special needs or learning challenges.  These conditions include:  ADHD, Dyspraxia, low muscle tone, Autism, Down sydrome, hip and knee replacement patients, heart attack and stroke patients.

3. How much does a school bike Ed course cost?

Our school education courses cost are quoted on an individual basis. Minimal  numbers apply to some services.

4. Do your school services qualify for external funding support?

Yes.  See our School Bike Ed services page.

5. What if some students don’t have a bike or helmet?

That’s ok.  We have a small fleet of bikes and helmets to support children who do not have access to a bike or helmet.

6. How do I book a lesson?
7. Do you provide adult mountain bike coaching / training?

Yes.  Contact us with your enquiry to arrange a private or group training session. Our coaches are all experienced and qualified with MTBA.

8. I don’t have a bike or helmet, can I still book a riding lesson or course?

Yes.  Bike hire is available for learn to ride and mountain bike lessons.

9. What areas do you service?

Sydney.  We are in the process of developing some exciting digital training services which will allow us to support customers all over Australia.

10. Is Dirt School just for boys?

No.  Dirt school is for girls and boys, Mums and Dads over the age of 8 years of age.

11. My child would like to re-book for Dirt school, what can they expect from their second or third experience?

The teaching curriculum used at Dirt school allows instructors to differentiate the activities to cater for a spread of rider abilities.  Skills stations are modified to give more experienced riders new challenges whilst also providing fun introduction challenges for inexperienced riders.

12. Can you suggest a good bike shop to purchase or service a bike?

Yes.  Pop in and see the guys at Endeavour Cycles, Gymea Bay Road, Gymea Bay and tell them we sent you.

13. Where can I find your events and when they are running?

Go to our events calendar.