Refund & Transfer Policy

We are a small business and budget (and staff) for courses / services based on the number of riders estimated to entered. Due to this RideAbility has a no refunds policy for all of our courses and services.

The costs of running courses / services are split over the total participant’s registration fees. The majority of our costs are fixed well prior to them occurring. Providing refunds could result in us losing money and if we lose money we stop putting on events and eventually close the doors, and our dream of getting more people safely on bikes, goes out the window.

In the case of some of our courses / services we close registrations early because we have so many entrants and because we have reached capacity. This is based on logistics and importantly rider safety. If riders want to pull out of the event or choose not to ride we still have the same costs. NO refund is offered to participants who are sick or injured on the day of a course or service.

RideAbility is happy to transfer a participant’s registration to another participant, if the new participant meets the rider and equipment requirement for that course or service.

In relation to learn to ride services, 24-hour notice is required for rescheduling and cancelling of appointments or the full fee will be charged. Notice can be made by email or phone call. We appreciate your understanding in this.

In relation to wet weather, RideAbility always offers ONE wet-weather back up date for outside courses/ services.  Should an event or service be rained out twice, NO refund will be made to participants.