Paul Staddon

My son has just completed RideAbility’s in-school course. Not only was it the highlight of his school week, it taught and reinforced crucial skills in how to ride safely in the community. Many kids in our community are beginning to ride to school and this course came at just the right time for them. In general, they have really listened to the instructors and are definitely riding a lot more safely. I would highly recommend this course for school aged children, especially as they become a little more independent and want to start using their bike as a mode of transport.

Paul Staddon, Parent, Grays Point Public School

Susan Oliveri

RideAbility have been working with our stage 2 and 3 students in differentiated groups over this last term. The students and staff have thoroughly enjoyed the RideAbility program. The teachers are fantastic communicators with the children and the lessons are appropriate for the ability levels of a wide range of bike riders. The program is fun and very enjoyable for the students. I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of the RideAbility staff and the interest they have taken in all of the students. It has been awesome to see students who were non riders now riding a bike and having a ball doing it! I would highly recommend the bike education program from RideAbilty.

Susan Oliveri, Principal, Yarrawarrah Public School

Ray Poole

Colleagues, this is a must do for your students.  A professional and purposeful educational service which delivers curriculum and life-long learning outcomes.

Ray Poole, Principal, Gymea Bay Public School

Susan Low

We recently held a Bike Week at our preschool where all children attending across the week were invited to bring their bike or scooter to preschool. We focused on road rules and signs within our community. RideAbility instructors visited us 3 times during the week and explained specific bike safety to the children. This complemented our event beautifully as the information presented to the children was very relevant for the 3-5 year age group we cater for. RideAbility provided great resources and the session combined both practical and theory about bike safety and how to ride.

Children were shown how to check their own bikes as well as ensuring their helmets fitted correctly. As children of this age are learning how to ride as well as learning about road rules, we felt the safety aspect needed to delivered by someone with appropriate experience. The instructors were loved by all the children and certainly aimed the session content at their age. We highly recommend this service to others interested in bike safety.

Susan Low
KU Heathcote Preschool

Mary Forrest

Learning to ride a bike was on my bucket list and I am proud to say I have ticked it off!  Fabulous lessons which has given an old rider like me the skills and confidence to ride a bike.  You’re never too old to learn.  I high recommend RideAbility to help get you there.

Mary Forrest, 71 years young.

Simone Dives

What an amazing method to teach a child to ride a bike!  Our son struggled to learn to ride a bike due to some delays in his motor control and balance.  In three short lessons he is a confident and independent rider.  RideAbility’s step by step method incorporating safety, road rules, donkey kicks, balancing frogs and exploding chickens resulted in my son being completely engaged and excited to attend his lessons each week. We were able to hire a wonderful bike for the lessons and have now purchased the right bike for him to continue his riding.

Can’t thank you enough.

Simone Dives

Johanna & Kelvin Maddalena

I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for getting our daughter, Bella, up and riding. We have attempted this so many times but it always resulted in tantrums and everyone getting upset with everyone making it a very trying time and certainly not enjoyable for anyone. From the very first lesson with you, Bella has been a completely different child on her bike. She has been looking forward to her lessons and has become a lot more confident on her bike. Because you have taught her to be an independent rider, making her aware of every aspect of her bike and making her responsible for it, she has become a lot more confident and therefore a much better rider. We have learnt heaps too! I cannot recommend you more highly to anyone that needs help with getting their child up and riding their bike. THANK YOU AGAIN.
With kind regards,

Johanna & Kelvin Maddalena

Classroom Teacher

RideAbility attended our school recently to complete sessions with our Infants children on Bike Safety. RideAbility was very well organised having bikes, helmets and posters set up in the hall as stimuli for the children. Rebecca was very engaging, sitting down at their height talking to them about how to be safe on a bike and how to wear their helmets correctly.

Children were encouraged to bring their own helmets to school where they then fitted one another’s helmets properly and the instructors went around to every child to ensure it was correct. Children got to engage with one another in groups as they made sure a bike was safe to ride. They checked saddles, tyres, chains and brakes on the many bikes brought in by RideAbility.

All the children were totally engaged throughout their sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the material presented to them. This was an excellent session to conclude our Road Safety units in classes. We certainly would look at obtaining RideAbility’s services again.

Classroom Teacher – Caringbah P.S